Dance Alive

In our non-competitive studio, Dance Alive offers a venue for serious students to perform several times during the year and to be challenged with choreography equal to and above their level of dance. Past venues include Spruce Meadows, Calaway Park, Lilac Festival and even Disney World!

Dance Alive Troupe

Students are accepted by audition. Dancers must be aged 7 and up with a minimum of one-year dance experience and be studying both ballet and jazz at Invitation to Dance. Students in weekly tap and acro classes will study these genres in Dance Alive as well. Dance Alive rehearses every Friday night, please see our attendance commitment. Participation in the program is restricted to dancers who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority.

Is This Program Right For You?

The first step to becoming a successful dancer is making a solid commitment to your classes, rehearsals, and performances. Strong technique is a key ingredient and class is where you develop that technique. Come to each class prepared to learn and without personal distractions. Class time is your chance to focus on yourself, so try to leave your concerns or worries at the studio door. True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do. Dance full-out, stretch a little further, become more aware of your technique, and make the most of every class.

The Dance Alive program is a privilege that dancers and their parents must appreciate and respect. Participation in the program is restricted to dancers who are ready to make achieving their personal best a priority. There will be times when classes, rehearsals, or performances will be scheduled when your non-dance friends or family may be headed to the mall or the movies.

It is our goal to create a fun atmosphere where the group builds strong friendships, camaraderie, and respect for one another. This, combined with dedication, hard work and proper conduct by the student creates a positive and productive dancing environment.

Students are expected to be at EVERY class. Choreography is difficult to learn without full attendance. Anything less is not fair to the rest of the group. Dance Alive must take priority over school dances, birthday parties, etc. and outside dance commitments must be communicated and approved before the year begins. Missing more than one class prior to Christmas and more than two after Christmas will result in the student being suspended from Dance Alive for the following term. Unexcused absence from run-throughs, dress rehearsals, shows or recitals will result also result in suspension from Dance Alive.

We encourage dancers to be as dedicated to their academic studies as they are to their dance training. If your participation in this program affects your grades or the expectations and goals set by your parents, we cannot allow you to continue in the program.

Reasons why this program might not be a good fit for you:

Program Benefits

Only a small percentage of the dancers in our Dance Alive Program will move on to professional dance careers; therefore, the program focuses on educating young people to strive for their personal best in anything they want to accomplish. We achieve our goals for the program by offering young people the chance to:

Want to see what our Dance Alive students have been up to?

Calgary Dance Alive

A parent-run association called Calgary Dance Alive drives the Dance Alive performing program. Parents of Dance Alive students are automatic members and obligated to be part of the association. The purpose of Calgary Dance Alive is to provide experiences for the students that further immerse their exposure to the arts. In the past, activities for the students have included conventions, viewing various productions in the city and attending dance tours to places like New York and Disney World. The association strives to provide a variety of performance venues each year for Christmas shows and year end performances

Dance Alive is responsible for fundraising, volunteering at the year-end recital and organizing activities for the group throughout the year.

The Association meets 4 times a year, from September to June and the parent's commitment to attend these meetings is mandatory. While these commitments are not time consuming, they do require each member to take on volunteer duties and be willing to work together as a team to benefit the students in this performing program.

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